The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

“Once upon a time there was a dark and stormy girl.”

Feodora lives in the woods with her mother and her wolves. Their life is stark and simple until General Rakov and his men arrive, dead elk in hand, demanding the wolf wilders kill their wolves and any more that are brought to them. Making an enemy of him sees their life in ashes, and Feo is left alone with her wolves and unlikely ally in Ilya, a soldier as determined to flee Rakov as Feo.

Set in a snow covered Russia at the start of the revolution, this is a darkly wild tale of bravery, determination, wolves and the girl who wilds them. Beautifully written, The Wolf Wilder is at times, terrifying in it’s portrayal of power, while at others hugely uplifting at the strength of human spirit and compassion.

A joy to read, with stunning illustrations by Gelrev Obgbico, it’s as easy to lose yourself in Feo’s adventure as it would be in the forests she calls home.


Great for fans of Abi Elphinstone, Emma Carroll and Michelle Harrison.


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