Wave Me Goodbye by Jaqueline Wilson

Publication Date: 18th May 2017


It’s September 1939, and Shirley packs her Dad’s sales suitcase with her wash bag, best dress, her teddy and all of her books ready for a little holiday. With her gas mask over her shoulder, she heads to the train station with her Mum.

It is, however, no ordinary holiday. Shirley, along with thousands of other children, is being evacuated to the country. This is her story of those first few weeks away from her family learning to live with strangers. Even though they’ve all been living very different lives, Shirley, Mrs Waverley, Chubby, Kevin and Archie are thrown together, but it’s not for long; the war will be over by Christmas after all…

Wave me Goodbye is a moving story of friendship, trust, belonging and bravery that many children’s grandparents and great grandparents living today would have experienced for themselves. From Archie’s horror on seeing a cow for the first time, to Shirley’s reluctance to adopt country fashions, and the villagers reactions to the London children, its perfect for Key Stage 2 children studying World War II.


Many thanks to Penguin Random House for the beautifully packaged review copy.


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