D-Day Dog by Tom Palmer

Illustrations by Tom Clohosy Cole Jack loves nothing more than playing video games based on war with his Dad, a member of the Army Reserves. That, and his dog, Finn. And now he's learning all about the D-Day Landings at school before the Year 6 residential trip to Normandy. Life couldn't be better. Then Jack's … Continue reading D-Day Dog by Tom Palmer

When We Were Warriors by Emma Carroll

Cover illustration by Julian De Narvaez Fans of the Queen Of Historical Fiction are in for a real treat as three short stories are woven together amidst the air raids of World War 2 during the summer of 1942... The Night Visitors Stanley and his sisters are just off to get tea when their lives … Continue reading When We Were Warriors by Emma Carroll

An Interview With… Lucy Strange

Welcome to my blog for an After School Book Club takeover, talking to Lucy Strange, author of Our Castle By The Sea and The Secret Of Nightingale Wood. So, I’ll hand you straight over... We loved the vibrant characters and atmospheric setting in Our Castle By The Sea. Can you summarise it in three words? … Continue reading An Interview With… Lucy Strange

Letters From The Lighthouse by Emma Carroll

This is one of those books that I knew I would love before I'd even got a copy. It's historical fiction, it's set during World War II, and it's by Emma Carroll, whose writing style I adore. I deliberately waited until I knew I would be able to enjoy it without interruption. That day came … Continue reading Letters From The Lighthouse by Emma Carroll

Wave Me Goodbye by Jaqueline Wilson

Publication Date: 18th May 2017 It's September 1939, and Shirley packs her Dad’s sales suitcase with her wash bag, best dress, her teddy and all of her books ready for a little holiday. With her gas mask over her shoulder, she heads to the train station with her Mum. It is, however, no ordinary holiday. … Continue reading Wave Me Goodbye by Jaqueline Wilson

My Brother’s Secret by Dan Smith

It's the summer of 1941 in Germany, and 11 year old Karl Friedmann is training to be a soldier for the Fürher in the Deutsches Jungvolk. He believes in Hitler, in the war and in being a good German. He will follow in his Papa’s footsteps and fight the enemy as soon as he's old … Continue reading My Brother’s Secret by Dan Smith