Erica’s Elephant by Sylvia Bishop, illustrated by Ashley King

Having popped my review copy of The Bookshop Girl on my school bookshelf, I was delighted when one of my reluctant readers devoured it in one night. When she asked if there were any other books by the same author I did what I really, really shouldn’t and told her it would be on my shelf after the weekend. Yes, I know, but I was going to buy it anyway. And, the universe clearly agreed with me because when I popped into Waterstones to pick up a copy, Ashley King was actually working, and very kindly signed my copy. Cue one very happy Miss Cleveland.


Anyway, back to the Erica’s Elephant review…

Erica is a very practical girl. When she finds an elephant on her doorstep on the morning of her 10th birthday, she does what any 10 year old would do; she checks the paperwork that’s attached to his truck, shows him to his bedroom and begins planning how she is going to pay for all his cabbages…

A charming tale of friendship and learning who to trust while deciphering the TRONKs. Ashley King’s delightfully witty illustrations perfectly match Sylvia Bishop’s warm and bubbly writing style, and help bring the eccentric characters to life. With fabulous elephant facts at the end of the story, this is a great read that I’m looking forward to putting on my bookshelf. I already know who’ll be borrowing it first.



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