The Incredible Billy Wild by Joanna Nadin

Publication Date: 4th May 2017


Billy has been set a project over the Easter holidays; he has to write to his ‘God’ every day explaining what he’s been up to each day and what he’d like to change about the world.

What does Billy want?
• A dog.
• Seamus to disappear.
• To be incredible.

When Billy discovers a greyhound in his garden shed, he starts wondering whether God might actually be listening, and maybe, just maybe he might be able to be incredible after all…

Both heart breaking and uplifting, this is a beautifully written story told through Billy’s diary entries to God. The whole family are easy to like and relate to, each brother has their own identity, and you feel the genuine love they have for each other. The Wild’s definitely found a place in my heart, unlike Other Nan and Mrs Beasley, who have clearly forgotten that they were once children themselves.

Due to the way swearing, underage smoking and sexuality is used, I’ll leave this one for Secondary schools to pick up, but they definitely should. It’s a gem, and I’m only sorry I can’t recommend it to my pupils. My son (13) has been reading avidly over my shoulder and has said it’s one he’ll definitely recommend to his friends.

ebook proof courtesy of Hatchett Children’s Group.


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