Dougal Daley: It’s Not My Fault!

Previously published as Dougal Trump (that wasn’t his fault) Dougal Daley has received a new name, and a new lease of life and broken limbs, with Wacky Bee Books…

Dougal Daley

There are only so many death threats a boy can receive before coming to the conclusion that it’s time to write his will, plan his funeral and leave a list of murder suspects for the police, all while keeping a huge, deadly secret. There’s a creature in his shed, and if his friends or family don’t kill him first, there’s every chance the creature will. And none of it is Dougal’s fault…

Mayhem abounds in this fast-paced comic tale of family life. As Dougal blunders from mishap to catastrophe, his long suffering family are there to blame him every step of the way. Dougal, Sibble (it’s SYBIL), Mum and Dad are all hilariously recognisable, their relationships mirroring those happening right now in homes across the country.

Jackie Marchant’s anarchic wit is brought sharply into focus by Loretta Schauer’s illustrations, and the use of different fonts for each character adds extra depth to their personalities. A gem of a book which is certain to have readers laughing out loud!

But don’t just take my word for it; here’s what some of my pupils had to say:

  • “I love this book. It’s funny and there’s football in it.” Year 5.
  • “It’s really exciting, and I love the section written in notes.”  Year 3.
  • “Sorry I disturbed quiet reading time, but it’s just so funny!” Year 5.
  • “I loved every how descriptive it is, I feel like I know the family in real life.” Year 4.
  • “Does the author know my sister? Sibble is just like her, she even has her hairy legs!” Year 5.
  • “I need to stop flicking my hair so much in public.” Year 6.
  • “It sounds like my shed at home but mine doesn’t have a creature in it.” Year 4.
  • “This book is hilarious, I’m going to tell all my friends to read it.” Year 4.
  • “Please don’t let my brother read it, he might get ideas.” Year 3.

And, if you want more Dougal, he’ll be back again in September for a new adventure in Dougal Daley: Where’s my Tarantula?

Perfect for fans of Beaky Malone, Barry Loser, Timmy Failure, Tom Gates and Wimpy Kids everywhere.

You can get your hands on a copy here.

About The Author: Jackie Marchant


Jackie Marchant is a full-time author who regularly visits schools, libraries and festivals. The Dougal books have won a shed-load of awards including Red House Pick of the Year, New Horizons Book Awards and the Heart of Hawick Book Awards. She also takes time away from the writing world looking after guide dogs while their owners are away.


About The Illustrator: Loretta Schauer 


Following graduating with a degree in Dance Performance Loretta Schauer worked in practical conservation for a long time, and spent many years battling balsam, identifying lichen, and searching for creepy crawlies. Loretta won the Waterstones ‘Picture This’ competition in 2011 and has illustrated books for many publishers including HarperCollins, Little Tiger Press and Paragon. This is one of her first books for older children. She is still happiest noodling around for fossils and shells on the beach!


You can check out other great books from Wacky Bee Books here.


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