Boyband Of The Apocalypse by Tom Nicholl, illustrated by David O’Connell

Publication Date: 1st June 2017

Sam is so desperate for a phone he is willing to risk his street cred (and his ears drums) by taking his little sister and her friend to see the boyband sensation that are Apocalips. Once there, his worst nightmares appear in front of him, the Heatherstone sisters, and he knows he will never live down the embarrassment of being seen at the concert. Nothing in life could possibly be worse. Until they lock him in a cupboard where he sees just how bad boy bands really are. When the lead singer is incinerated in front of him, and the rest of the band reveal their evil plans, Sam knows that to beat them, he’s going to have to join them…

With many a nod to TV pop star talent shows, humour is laced effortlessly throughout the fun, fast paced plot. David O’Connell’s illustrations bring the character’s hairdos to life in a way my imagination couldn’t have done justice to.

A great read for the reality TV star generation.

ebook proof courtesy of Stripes Publishing.


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