Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein

Publication Date: 6th July 2017


Kyle Keeley loves games, especially Mr Lemoncello’s games, and he will do what ever it takes to win. So, when his teacher tells his class that the extra credit essay is to win one of 12 places to enter the games master’s new library in Alexandriaville, he has to be one of them. Having written the best essay he has ever written, after the deadline, Kyle can only hope Mr Lemoncello will pick him…

Once the 12 lucky children are in the Library, they get to explore for the night. When the doors remain locked the following morning, the real game begins.  The first to escape from the Library will win the prize of all prizes. It’s “the Hunger Games, without the bows and arrows.” Can any of the children puzzle their way out of the Library in time?

A celebration of libraries, books, and puzzles, Escape From Mr Lemoncello’s Library is a fantastical story where the characters who show resilience and respect reap the rewards of following Mr Lemoncello’s motto, “knowledge not shared remains unknown”. With classic and contemporary book titles woven throughout and a brilliant use of the Dewey decimal system, there are puzzles galore to solve as you read. Be warned, once opened, you have as much chance of escaping this book as Team Kyle has of winning, if you believe Team Charles…

Great for fans of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jumangi and Zathura.

ebook proof courtesy of Penguin Random House UK Children’s


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