If Carlsberg did Book Post, They Still Wouldn’t Beat Guy Bass!

5 books, 5 signed books arrived for our School Library today from Guy Bass. Thank you so much! This is what happened when I spotted who the sender was on the envelope…

I was able to pull out the 12 children who had been inspired by his video on Authorfy, and spent Friday afternoons creating Super Villains while the rest of the class were out cycling, and open the parcel with them.

“Woahhhhh, how many books?”
“That’s a lot of books!”
“Guy Bass is so generous!”
“He’s awesome!”
“I bet his books are really funny!”
“Do they have to go straight into the Library Miss?” was the resounding response.
“Can we read them first?”
“Can we Miss Cleveland?”

And so on. And my response? Absolutely! Without their hard work and their thoughtful questions during our Skype chat with Guy I’m certain we wouldn’t have received such a fantastic parcel. A parcel containing:

  • We Are Super
  • Spynosaur vs Goldenclaw
  • Aides Abet Teacher’s Pet
  • Atomic Vile’s Vengeance
  • Atomic Malice’s Madness


“Miss Cleveland, can you read them all tonight so we can have them tomorrow?”

Ah! You see, the children know I read all of the books that I win/get sent/buy for my bookshelf before I share them. It means I know what they’re like and which children will really enjoy them.

“Well I was going to let you have them now…” I replied.
“No Miss, you have to read them first. That’s what you do. It will be 5 more books for your #156BookChallenge!” There’s always one stickler for the rules, and it would appear it’s one of my 11.
“Can I have until Friday?”

So, I’d better get reading. I can think of far worse homework!

Thank you Guy Bass & Aurthorfy for inspiring our children!

Authorfy is FREE this term. If you haven’t signed up yet for a free trial, you really should (just click here). All of the author videos are inspirational, and come with brilliant schemes of work that are easy to tailor to your children’s needs. Our Guy Bass inspired Super Villains are the most fun we’ve had writing!



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