Stitch Head by Guy Bass, illustrated by Pete Williamson

Guy Bass Week, Day 1: meet Stitch Head…


Stitch Head was the first almost-alive creation of mad professor, Erasmus. Long forgotten by the professor, he has never given up on the promise he made to always be best friends. As the experimental creations get ever more dangerous, Stitch Head keeps his promise to always look out for his master, and spends his days ensuring the almost-alive creatures Professor Erasmus creates don’t escape and cause havoc in Grubbers Nubbin.

However, with the arrival of Fulbert Freakfinder’s Travelling Carnival of Unnatural Wonders, Stitch Head is promised a new life where he will never be forgotten again…

A hilariously heart-warming, gothic tale of loyalty and loneliness, with hideous monsters, dastardly villains, a very angry girl and one of the most endearing characters I’ve ever come across. Once read, Stitch Head will definitely not be forgotten. Thank goodness then, that there are five more to enjoy.

Pete Williamson’s illustrations capture the tone of the story and the characters’ feelings perfectly, bringing the inhabitants of Castle Grotteskew to almost-life. I also loved the poems at the start of each chapter!

Great for fans of The Halloweeds, Gustav Gloom and Goosebumps.


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