We Are Super! by Guy Bass, illustrated by Jamie Littler

Guy Bass Week: Day 2 stars this gem of an early reader…


You’d think having a world famous Superhero for a dad would be, well, super, but Jonny and Tommy Atomic just want Captain Atomic to spend some time with them. If only they had super powers too…

This is sibling rivalry taken to the next level, with lots of laughs along the way. Brilliantly illustrated by Jamie Littler, this is a great read for younger children looking for books outside of a school reading scheme, which will definitely encourage reading for pleasure. What’s even better, is that as reading skills develop, these lovable characters can be found in the Atomic series of illustrated fiction!

And, there are lots of other fabulous titles in the Little Red Robin series by Scholastic to make your first steps to independent reading super exciting.

What did the children think?

o Jonny and Tommy are so funny – Year 2
o My favourite character is Uncle Dogday. I wish my dog could talk – Year 2
o I’m going to practice my reading so I can read Atomic – Year 2
o This is a great book, it would have made me want to read more when I was younger – Year 5
o It made me laugh, feel sad and then laugh some more. I hope they get to spend more time with their Dad – Year 5


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