Sky by Sarah Driver

Publication Date: 7th September 2017


As my plane prepared for take off and I sat battling with my fear of flying, there really was only one choice for my first holiday read; the second book in The Huntress Saga: Sky.

We’re instantly lifted high above the world of Trianukka with Mouse, Sparrow and Crow as they flee with the Sea Opal, and ready themselves to hunt for the Sky and Land Opals. With danger at every turn, they are running out of time to solve Da’s message and reunite the Storm Opals before Trianukka is lost beneath the ice. Only their courage, the old song and Da’s map can point them in the right direction.

With the promise of help from a new friend, Mouse knows that she must stay one step ahead of the man who stole her home and ship, The Huntress, and the Magyks, who both want the Storm Opals for themselves. Warring Sky Tribes turn an already perilous quest into a deadly one as potential allies fight amongst themselves. Can Mouse avoid being caught in the middle and reach the next opal in time?

An epic fantasy that took my breath away. Sarah Driver’s entrancing descriptions carry you along at break-neck speed on a quest through the clouds, icebergs and marshes of Trianukka as her headstrong heroes face new threats and enemies in this gripping adventure, where courage, friendship and trust are the most effective weapons.

I’d definitely face my fear of flying to visit the Skybrary for a cup of wish-tea with the Skybrarian! It’s going to be a painfully long wait for Storm. In the meantime, I can’t wait to share Sky on my Bookshelf at school.

Great for fans of Mold & The Poision Plot, The Dreamsnatcher, Northern Lights, Narnia and The Last Wild.

ebook proof courtesy of Egmont Publishing.


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