The Midnight Peacock by Katherine Woodfine

Publication Date: 5th October 2017


As the Ibizan sun beat down, there was only one way to cool off; with Katherine Woodfine’s latest spine chilling instalment of The Sinclair’s Mysteries: The Midnight Peacock. And, I had the best view to accompany it.



With Christmas and New Year approaching fast, Taylor & Rose Private Detective Agency is now well established within Sinclairs Department Store in London. A new fragrance is due to be launched amid New Year celebrations that are set to eclipse any seen before in Edwardian London.

An invite to spend Christmas with Leo’s family at Winter Hall gives Sophie the opportunity to look up one of her fathers old friends, and a chance to solve the mysterious sightings scaring the maids in the East Wing. They rapidly discover their ‘ghost’ is none other than The Baron, but who is his accomplice? Can Sophie, Lil and the rest of the gang get to the bottom of his most deadly plot yet and survive to see 1910 dawn?

With plentiful plot twists and a villain with nothing left to lose, The Midnight Peacock is a thrilling mystery that keeps you guessing until the end, and in my opinion, the best of The Sinclair’s Mysteries. Katherine Woodfine brings Edwardian Society Christmas to life, transporting us effortlessly back in time with an eclectic mix of characters who have grown to be a family of friends throughout their adventures.

Great for fans of Rose Campion, Murder Most Unladylike, Black Cats & Butlers and Gaslight.

Ebook proof courtesy of Egmont Publishing.


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