Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds: The Jet Of Justice by Angie Lake

Publication Date: 7th September 2017


Danny’s third outing sees him excited about a summer of fantastic finds and excellent inventions now school’s out, but mum is more interested in a summer of peace and quiet, so he’s packed off to summer camp in the Lake District with best friends Percy and Superdog. Well it’s that, or spend all summer doing chores. With arch-nemesis, Gareth, at camp too, it may not be the escape he was hoping for!

His return sees him whisked off to Comic Con, where he hopes he can meet his hero, Metal Face. And that’s where he discovers the competition to build the best flying machine. All he needs are some fantastic finds and a better idea than Gareth…

Another ridiculously entertaining and fartastically funny adventure from the school boy inventor and his friends. There are a host of great activities at the end to keep readers entertained long after they’ve finished the story too.

Great for fans of Dougal Daley, Timmy Failure and Jim Reaper.

Ebook proof courtesy of Sweet Cherry Publishing.


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