The Final Raven by Finian Black


Luca is on a school trip in Winchester when the first Raven falls ill at The Tower Of London. As the Tudor Table the museum guide is showing them splits open, dozens of birds fly through. All sick, all dying. The plague that is claiming three out of four people in the capital is spreading across the country, fast. When he tries to get home to his mum, he is spirited away by a bear to a place where Jess and Freddie are waiting for him.

Back in London, Gwen Madoc has had enough of coming second to her fathers job. Even on her birthday, the news magnate is too busy for her. What she hears when she goes to confront him has her sprinting for the streets. A chance meeting with Carter sees her escaping London and her father, heading south, to a place that is calling to Carter…

When the children unite, their dangerous destiny is revealed and they know they must reach the Tower of London, and the girl with red hair. Can the children get the cure and save the last raven before the country falls?

Myth and magic meet a deadly plague in this fast paced adventure through Arthurian Legend and modern day London. Finian skilfully weaves the different threads together to produce a gripping, action packed story (the first in a three part series) that shows how with courage, determination, friendship and belief, the impossible can happen.

Great for fans of Timeriders and The History Keepers.

Huge thanks to Finian Black for sending a copy for my school bookshelf.

If you would like to win a signed copy for your school library check out my giveaway on Twitter @MissNCleveland. (UK only).

About The Author

FINIAN BLACK was born in the heart of the Black Country in 1969. He studied medicine at Leicester University, served in the British Army and now works as a GP in the south of England. He is married with two children. Black’s love of reading shines through in his writing – his work mixes historical fiction with modern supernatural suspense.His author heroes are Stephen King, Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Charles Dickens.

“I’ve always loved stories of adventure, excitement and danger, the kind of page turners that take you to new and incredible places with characters who feel so real it’s as if you actually know them.”



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