Amelia Fang And The Barbaric Ball by Laura Ellen Anderson

Publication Date: 5th October 2017


It’s that time of year when Countess Frivoleeta is planning her pride and joy, the Barbaric Ball. Amelia Fang can’t think of a worse way to spend her time and would much rather hang out with her friends, Florence and Grimaldi, but the Countess insists she attends. The only saving grace this year is that Prince Tangine will be there too so she won’t be the only child.

Until she meets him – he is horrid with a capital H! How will she survive the ball now?

And to make matters worse, he goes and kidnaps her pet pumpkin! Amelia is determined to rescue Squashy from the spoilt prince…

Beautifully illustrated throughout, Laura brings Nocturnia vividly to life. With an eclectic cast of characters, a fun and fast paced plot and the confirmation that glitter is indeed bad, this is a hilarious and heartwarming tale of friendship, loneliness and understanding. Can’t wait for their next adventure!

Great for fans of Stitch Head and Vlad The World’s Worst Vampire.

ebook proof courtesy of Egmont Publishing.


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