King Of The Sky by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Laura Carlin


A young boy has moved from the vibrant sunshine and sweet smells of Rome to a small community in the grey coal mining valleys of Wales. He feels totally out of place, alone in a strange place, until he strikes up a relationship with Mr Evans, the elderly gentleman who keeps pigeons next door.


A heart warming tale of a young boy finding his place in a new country, that moved me to tears. The stunning illustrations capture the Welsh mining valley and St Peters Square, and the emotions those places evoke in the young boy. They show much more than is conveyed by Nicola’s carefully chosen words, allowing the reader to create their own stories within the story.

A brilliant book for exploring and understanding how immigrants and refugees might feel in a new country, and how we can help them to find their place.

Nicola Davies and Laura Carlin have created another outstanding picture book to be enjoyed by all ages.

I cannot read it without hearing the joy in Nicola’s voice when she told me how Mr Evans is based on her Grandad. Thank you so much for sharing your memories with me, and signing my copy for my School Bookshelf.


2 thoughts on “King Of The Sky by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Laura Carlin

  1. S.Ashton says:

    To the Artist .Ms Carlin Reference King of the Sky

    I have not read book as yet but studied hillside village photo as requested by teacher this week with grandchild prior to her working on the book this coming week.. Is your lovely painting based on a certain village or amalgamation. I enjoyed trying to copy your painting as a pencil drawing and received a special notice from the teacher taking me back 53 years. .

    Best regards S.Ashton


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