Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates by Gareth P. Jones

Hoist the main sail, it’s full steam ahead for plundering and pillaging on the high seas, as we set sail with The Steampunk Pirates!

The Leaky Battery Sets Sail (Book 1)


Mr Swift has made a group of Steampunk Servants for the king; self-governing automatons who, when given the chance, escape to the high seas to live as Steampunk Pirates instead. There’s only one problem, they’re made of iron which isn’t great when you’re surrounded by salty sea air. And so begins their quest to find the man who can goldify them, if they can outsail and outsmart the British Navy and the Iron Duke.

Rise Of The Slippery Sea Monster (Book 4)


It’s every pirate for themselves as the looters become the looted! A sea-monster is scouring the oceans, stealing stolen loot from pirates while leaving honest ships free to sail the seven seas in peace. With the mutinous Mainspring marooned on a desert island and Pendle, the cabin boy, stuck on Captain Inkybeard’s ship, can the crew of the Leaky Battery solve the mystery and get their stolen swag back before the British Navy catches up with them?

Packed with action, Gareth’s fabulous humour and superb sea-shanties, this is a must read series for lovers of all things pirate. Footnotes and messages from the author help transport readers within the story, and impart vital information to those who haven’t read previous books in the series.

Great for fans of Guy Bass, Tom Nicoll and Barry Hutchison.


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