Animals Behaving Badly by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Adam Stower


It’s said that the truth is stranger than fiction, and this book proves it. Including a devilish creature that can kill a polar bear, fish that kept a community awake, and a bird that can destroy anything, to name a few, this is a treasure trove of amazing animal behaviours that celebrates animals’ adaptability and ingenuity.

With each chapter telling an animal’s story from a human perspective to begin with, Nicola Davies then uses scientific explanations from experts on each animal to help us understand why they behave the way they do. And it’s usually because they are adapting to the changes we have made in their habitats in order to survive.

Brilliantly written and excellently researched, this is a fabulous book to explore topics of adaptation and destruction of habitats through the animals trying to survive in our ever changing man made world. The next time you see or read about an animal behaving badly, it’s worth questioning what we have done to cause it.

Perfect for young readers curious about the natural world.


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