There’s A Dragon In My Backpack by Tom Nicoll, illustrated by Sarah Horne


Pan is bored of staying at home every day, and desperate to go to school with Eric. Hiding in his backpack, Pan almost makes it through the day without causing trouble. Almost. When Mrs Biggs sees the mini-dragon, she’s convinced it’s a rat. Eric knows he has to do something, and with Jayden and Min to help him, they rescue Pan from Mrs Biggs cricket bat.

The chances of Eric taking Pan back to school are zero. Not happening. Never. Until the next day…

A mix up with school bags means Pan ends up going to school with nasty neighbour, Toby, instead. Can Eric stop Pan from being revealed to Toby’s school and avoid any more trouble with Mrs Biggs?

The second book in the series is just as fast, funny and full of charm as the first. Tom Nicoll brings Pan and his human friends wonderfully to life with all the wit and wisdom you’d expect from a mini-dragon. Sarah Horne’s illustrations capture the wonderfully humorous story perfectly.

Great for fans of Gareth P. Jones, Jackie Marchant and Guy Bass.



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