Tales Of Nibiru Volume One: Z.I.R.M by B.B. Taylor


Rhaul is not your ordinary vampire. He believes in the Accord his Great Grandfather fought so hard for, and that his father and mother upheld and tried to build on before their untimely accident that rendered them permanently dead rather than just undead.

With Uncle Derek now in charge, Rhaul fears Yomi will slip back into the dark days before the Accord, where anyone who isn’t a vampire is nothing…

Fast paced and laced with dead-pan humour, Z.I.R.M. is a delightfully dark read for Upper Key Stage 2 and beyond.

B.B. Taylor has created a world of creatures of the night who face many of the problems those of us in the world of the living face every day: the battle for equality and fair treatment for all. I loved the Librarian and her importance to The Movement; that she wields the knowledge to unite the people and bring freedom to Yomi.

The After School Book Club Reviewer

One lucky reader hasn’t had to wait for weekly instalments…

I love scary books, so when Miss Cleveland said she had one about vampires, werewolves and zombies, I couldn’t wait to read it. This is such a great short read. B.B. Taylor has written a really funny book that tackles prejudice without being preachy. I loved Viola the Librarian. She’s fierce, funny and deadly. It makes me glad that not all librarians have axes! I can’t wait for Volume Two!




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