Revenge Of The Atomic Burps by Gareth P. Jones, illustrated by Steve May

Publication Date: 8th February 2018


Bisket has been suspended from active duty and finds himself facing a week at Mrs Stroganov’s Dog Hotel while Philip has a well deserved holiday.

Meanwhile, Mitzy is sent to investigate alien activity at a fizzy drinks factory. Without her partner, and with the entire seagull network down, she finds herself teaming up with Crisp, the rat, to investigate. But who is the black cat with a tail gun? And why is he telling Mitzy to back off?

Back at Mrs Stroganov’s Bisket receives a surprise visitor – his former partner, Champ. Can they escape her secure garden and help Mitzy capture the extra-terrestrial super-villains?

The fourth outing for the Pet Defenders is as fast paced and funny as the first. Steve May’s fabulous illustrations bring Gareth P. Jones’s comic cast to life. Published a little too late to add to your Christmas list, you’ll definitely want to save some pennies for this to beat off the late winter blues.

Great for fans of Guy Bass, Tom Nicoll and Barry Hutchison.

Ebook proof courtesy of Stripes Publishing.


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