Hopscotch And The Christmas Tree by Katy Segrove, illustrated by Katerina Vykhodtseva


The residents of Rainbow Mews are all excited – it’s time to put the Christmas tree up. But, when it falls apart, the friends struggle to agree on a new tree. They’re either too big, too small, too fat or too thin. Can the friends find a tree they can all agree on?

Brilliant for discussing emotions, and that it’s ok to like different things and still be friends, Hopscotch And The Christmas Tree is a beautifully illustrated festive tale to delight readers young and old. Katy Segrove manages to explore a whole range of emotions in a deceptively simple story while Katerina Vykhodtseva’s illustrations are bursting with tiny details to explore. A lovely addition to festive collections for younger children.

What Bedtime Book Club Said…

I would recommend this book to my friends because it’s funny.”

“Carlo is my favourite character. He’s really funny when he gets grumpy.”

“I liked that even though the friends fell out because they couldn’t agree to start with, they found a way for all that f them to be happy.”

“Their Christmas Tree was as beautiful as the starry biscuity sky above it.”

Huge thanks to Tiny Tree Children’s Books for sending me a copy for review – it was last seen disappearing from under Year 6’s Christmas Tree in a little pair of hands…


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