Hopeless Heroes by Stella Tarakson, illustrated by Nick Roberts

Publication Date: 22nd February 2018

Welcome to my stop on the Hopeless Heroes Blog Tour!

The first two books in a new series for younger readers mixing modern day and Ancient Greek Mythology hits bookshops next week, and I was lucky enough to be sent copies of both of them to review…

Here Comes Hercules!

The Blurb…

When Tim Baker breaks his mum’s favourite vase, it s the least of his problems. The Greek hero he’s released is in danger of doing far worse. To the flowers, the rug Oh, no! Not the kitchen! Hercules is only trying to be helpful but he’s just hopeless. It’s time to send this dim demigod home before Tim becomes ancient history.

The Review…

Tim Baker is fed up of having to come home to an empty house and do the cleaning while his mum is out working two jobs. Well, it’s not so much the cleaning, more that misses his mum. When he answers the phone while dusting an Ancient Greek vase, he accidentally knocks it over and smashes it, releasing Hercules from Hera’s curse.

The mythological hero is larger than life, with an appetite to match, but while he’s incredibly strong, he’s not all that clever. And, Tim is the only one who can see him. When Hercules comes to Tim’s aid with the housework, what could possibly go wrong?


Hera’s Terrible Trap

The Blurb…

Tim Baker thinks his adventures are over until he hitches a ride to Ancient Greece on a stolen vase. Soon Tim finds himself trapped with an army of peacocks and a hero who can’t stop admiring himself. Put that mirror down, Theseus! Thank the gods his new friend Zoe is there to help. Just don’t tell her dad…

The Review…

Tim’s feeling a bit lonely having solved the riddle on the cursed jar, and Leo hasn’t given up his bullying campaign just yet. Hermes returns to retrieve the jar for Hera, and Tim finds himself whisked away to her temple in Greece, Ancient Greece. When he refuses to help Hera, he’s on the run through a place and time he knows little about. If only he had a friend who could help, and a hero who wasn’t so attached to his mirror…


Full of fun, with huge helpings of heart, and packed with the gods, heroes and mythical beasts we know, love and fear from Greek Mythology, Hopeless Heroes are a great read for newly independent readers looking for a series to get lost in.

Tim is believable, likeable and easy to empathise with. Hercules is strong, caring and gives us an insight into why doing your homework might be a good idea after all!

Bullying and loss feature in Here Comes Hercules, and both are handled with humour and care. Hera’s Terrible Trap introduces a strong, forthright young girl, and has a strong sense of the lengths family will go to, to protect each other.

Nick Roberts’ illustrations are fabulous with their mix of modern day cartoon and Ancient Greek styles, and add an extra depth of heart and humour to Stella Tarakson’s light-hearted Stories.

Great for fans of Greek Mythology, Lucy Coats and Julia Wills.

Huge thanks to Jess and Sweet Cherry Publishing for asking me to take part in the Hopeless Heroes Blog Tour. Make sure you check out the other stops!




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