Loki: A Bad God’s Guide To Being Good by Louie Stowell

Publication Date: 3 February 2022

The Blurb

After one prank too many, trickster god Loki is banished to live as a “normal” school boy. If he can show moral improvement within one month, then Loki can return to Asgard … and if he can’t? Then it’s eternity in a pit of angry snakes. To keep track of his progress, Odin has handed over this magical diary in which Loki is forced to confess the truth. (Even when that truth is as ugly as a naked mole-rat.) As if moral improvement and the indignities of school weren’t challenging enough, Loki is banned from using his awesome godly powers and (even worse) must put up with Thor tagging along and making him look bad. Anyone reading Loki’s diary is about to learn that this is one god who hasn’t a clue how to tell good from bad, trust from tricks, or friends from enemies…

The Review

Get ready to laugh out loud, a lot, as we meet Loki as he would never want to be seen in this anarchic adventure.

As he writes in his truth journal, we see him battle against and then come to accept the challenge he has been set to save himself from an eternity of torture. I loved the journal’s responses to his lies and self-beliefs. Poking fun at modern day life, sharp observational humour is used to great effect to show our anti-hero evaluating his fate at Odin’s hand.

Louie’s hilarious doodles and cartoons show the inner workings of our god turned boy’s mind as we see him struggle with concepts like living in a mortal body in a mortal’s house, what a conscience is and feelings like guilt bubbling to the surface. His understanding of friendship grows slowly as he gets to grips with school, smartphones and mortal snacks.

With plenty of hints at the legends that surround Loki scattered liberally throughout the book, there is plenty to spark curiosity in readers about the Viking’s Trickster God and his family in Asgard.

I cannot wait for more from this brilliantly quick witted series.

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Huge thanks to Walker Books for sending me a copy.