Paper Boat For Panda by Celestine & The Hare

February 17th is Random Acts Of Kindness Day – a day to celebrate the little acts that bring joy to others. So, it’s the perfect day to share this wonderful book…


Panda loves his toy boat, and sailing it across the kitchen rug. What he really wants though, is to sail across the wide, beautiful sea, but he knows it’s just a dream. But, Baby Weasus has an idea, and enlists Small to help. Can friends really make dreams come true?

This is a heartwarming tale of friendship and kindness, and the joy that they bring to the Tribe. The gently told story shows that the reward for kindness is seeing the pleasure it brings to others.

The stunning needle felted characters, lovingly crafted and photographed by Karin add an extra layer of warmth to this beautiful little book, perfectly sized for little hands.


I love that the story is followed by easy to follow instructions on how to make your own paper boat to sail across your wide, beautiful sea, encouraging imaginative play to extend your enjoyment of this charming book.

Paper Boat For Panda is a firm favourite with my Bedtime Stories Book Club.

About The Author…

Karin Celestine lives in a small house in Wales. In her garden there is a shed and in that shed is another world: the world of Celestine and the Hare. Karin taught children about art, about chemistry, numbers, crafts and magic, but she was always drawn back to the shed where she brings to life creatures of all kinds using only wool, observation and the power of imagination.

You can find out more about Karin’s world and her Tribe at her website: celestineandthehare


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