A Far Away Magic by Amy Wilson


Cover illustration by Helen Crawford-White

Following the death of her parents, Angel isn’t interested in making friends at her new school until she sees Bavar lurking in the shadows, and he’s as skilled as her at distancing himself from the world. What’s clear is that are both hiding their lives from their peers, Angel her past, and Bavar his future.

While Angel is determined to find out what really happened the night her parents died, Bavar is insistent he won’t follow the destiny his parents left for him. The two discover that they need to trust and believe in each other if they are going to succeed, and save their worlds in the process.

Amy Wilson creates a bewitching fantasy world hidden in plain sight in the real world, full of intriguing characters, including Bavar’s house, which is as alive as the people within it, and terrifying monsters hungry to escape their magical cage. Told from both characters’ perspectives, we get to know and understand both more deeply – their hopes and fears, their need for friendship, and their determination to protect each other.

A Far Away Magic is a spellbinding mix of magic, monsters and mastering inner demons, and a testament to the power of friendship when life looks bleakest, that pulls you in and doesn’t let go until the last page is finished.

Great for fans of The Boy With One Name, The Ice Garden, and The Other Alice.

Thank you so much Amy for sending me a signed copy for my school bookshelf!


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