What Lexie Did by Emma Shevah


Cover illustration by Helen Crawford-White

Lies. There are all sorts of different lies; big lies, little lies, white lies. Everybody lies. The problem comes with knowing when and what it’s ok to lie about…

Lexie and Eleni aren’t just cousins, they’re practically twins. They do everything together. When Anastasia’s family move into the area, Greek Cypriot tradition calls for filoxenia – a welcoming party. And that’s the day that Lexie learns that sometimes you just have to lie. As Eleni and Anastasia’s friendship blossoms, Lexie finds herself being pushed out, and a distance opens up between her and Eleni. When tragedy strikes the family, Lexie finds herself caught in an impossible situation and lies – an absolute whopper that tears the close knit family apart. How is she ever going to put it right, bring her family back together and save her friendship?

A wonderfully warm, poignant story of family, friendship and lots of Greek food! Emma Shevah brings the large, loud, colourful Greek-Cypriot family to life, immersing us in their culture, cuisine and traditions. Exploring lies in all their forms, we are taken on an emotional journey as the close-knit family is torn apart, and Lexie searches for a way to bring them back together. We see the toll on each family member, but none more clearly than Lexie’s mum, who is a shadow of her former self as grief holds her firmly in it’s grip and she no longer has her sister for support. Packed with humour and heart, What Lexie Did is an absolute joy to read. Now to try the recipes at the end of the book!

Great for fans of A Library Of Lemons, Sweet Pizza and Just Call Me Spaghetti Hoop Boy.

Huge thanks to Laura at Chicken House for sending me a copy, it’s going to go down a storm at school.


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