Across The Divide by Anne Booth

Publication Date: 7 June 2018


Cover illustration by Serena Rocca

When Olivia’s mum is arrested for her role in a pacifist protest, she finds herself rushed off to Lindisfarne to stay with her dad, a man she barely knows anymore. With life at home in complete turmoil, that’s the last thing she needs if she’s going to mend her broken friendships. The peaceful pace of life on the remote island gives her plenty of time to think about the events leading up to her stay there. Can she find the strength she needs to finally speak up? And then, there’s the mysterious William – kind, gentle and always there when Olivia needs him – who is he?

What an amazing book! Emotionally charged, this gently-told tale tackles big issues: pacifism versus war; stereotyping, the resulting bullying and modern journalism’s role in whipping it up & making it better; and the power of protest. It really is a must read!

My heart broke and swelled all the way through, thanks to Anne Booth’s carefully crafted characters. Olivia’s emotions at everything that has happened are raw and utterly believable, gnawing away at her night and day, while Riya shines as an example to us all of how to be an understanding and empathetic friend; one of life’s everyday unsung heroes who make our world a friendlier, safer place to be.

The remote island setting is vividly brought to life, in both the modern day and historical time, I’d love to be able to visit both versions of the castle! I loved the use of the past to help enable Olivia to make sense of her present.

Great for fans of Being Miss Nobody, The Mystery Of The Colour Thief, What Lexie Did and What Not To Do If You Turn Invisible.

Please make sure you read Anne’s wonderfully thought-provoking guest post for the Across The Divide Blog Tour on Characters Who Pray.

Huge thanks to Laura Smythe for sending me a proof copy. Really looking forward to getting my hands on a finished copy for my school bookshelf, just in time for Empathy Day too!


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