The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

Publication Date: 14 June 2018


Cover and internal illustrations by Sara Ogilvie

Tomas is helping his Grandad in the garden when they stumble upon a bizarre looking tree, laden with even stranger fruit. When one falls off in Tomas’ hands, little does he know how dangerous (and downright fun) his life is about to become…

A wonderfully whimsical tale with bags full of humour and heart, vibrant language, fun facts to fill growing minds, and a cast of endearing characters.

Tomas’s relationships with his Grandad and baby sister are a joy to behold, and it’s a delight to read a book where children enjoy the simple pleasures of spending time with family and friends. Andy Shepherd doesn’t shy away from stretching language and great description, and uses Tomas’s natural story-telling chattiness to help put it into a context younger readers will understand. I know my younger self would have been picking the Encyclopaedia Britannica’s index section off the bookshelf to find out more about ‘bioloonynonsense’.

Sara Ogilvie captures the charm of the story and it’s characters perfectly in her illustrations.

This is just what I need on my bookshelf at school for newly independent readers from Year 2 up. It’s an absolute gem for this age group, and I’m delighted to hear it’s the first in a series – can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Huge thanks to Andy and Tina Mories at Piccadilly Press for sending me a copy, I know it’s going to be a huge hit at school.



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