Luma And The Hiccupping Dragon by Leah Mohammed, illustrated by Loretta Schauer

Publication Date: 4 August 2022

The Blurb

Two more stories about Luma and her cheeky pet dragon.

Timir has the hiccups. Nothing seems to stop them. Small bursts of flame keep bursting from his nostrils and causing mayhem everywhere they hit. Luma is sure it has something to do with the flame charm on her bracelet – but has no idea what. It’s time to find out!

And that’s not the only discovery to be made. When practising for a dog show in the garden Timir realises something very unexpected: he can fly. But Luma feels worried – what if Timir flies away and never comes back? Is she brave enough to trust Timir and let him spread his wings?

The Review

The second book in this gorgeous series about Luma and Timir is full of giggles as the two discover more about the growing dragon and the charm bracelet that brought him into Luma’s life.

I love Luma’s relationship with Nani, who is supportive whenever Luma and Timir have a problem but gives them space to figure things out for themselves. Mischief and mayhem abound as our favourite dog-dragon grows into two new abilities – the garden centre was a particular highlight!

With two short stories, humorously illustrated by Lorretta Schauer, this is the perfect series for younger readers wanting to move onto chapter books. And even better, the third book will be out next year!

Great for fans of:

Huge thanks to Welbeck Flame for sending me a copy.


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