Father Christmas And Me by Matt Haig, illustrated by Chris Mould


Amelia Wishart is finding that life in Elfhelm isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Of course, it’s better than living in the orphanage in London and being a chimney sweep, but, she just doesn’t feel as though she fits in. She’s different.

She might not be the only human, but she is definitely the only one in Elfhelm with no drimwickery inside her. She doesn’t understand Elf Maths, even singing and geography are difficult, and the one thing she’s good at, sleigh driving, she isn’t allowed to do.

When she stumbles upon the Easter Bunny and his army, and uncovers their plans, it’s up to her to save Christmas before it’s too late…

Heartwarming, humorous and hopeful, this wonderfully whimsical tale is a perfect festive read. Packed with memorable characters, in the most magical of settings, that are brought to life beautifully by Matt Haig’s words and Chris Mould’s illustrations, this is sure to become a classic that deserves a place in every child’s stocking. I’ll be keeping everything crossed in the hope I get one too!


Exploring the damaging effects of prejudice and Fake News, and that the truth isn’t always easy to hear, the third book in this fabulously festive series is sure to recharge your hope barometers.

Huge thanks to Jen at Shapes For Schools and Canongate Books for sending me a copy for review along with their teaching resources, which can be used as part of English lessons, or as extra-curricular activities and have a reading comprehension focus, but also cover other areas of the curriculum.

The resources cover all of the books in the series, with links to Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria too. You can download the resources here.





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