Sportopedia: An Illustrated Introduction To The World Of Sport by Adam Skinner, illustrated by Mark Long


Calling all sports fans! Want to find out about the huge range of sports out there? Look no further than this amazing compendium featuring over 50 different sports, both familiar and less known.

There’s a whole range of ball sports, racket sports, water sports, motor sports, target sports, combat sports, athletics and gymnastics, as well as information on The Olympic Games, The Paralympic Games and The Winter Olympics.

Each sport has everything you need to know featured on it’s easy to navigate spread. Equipment, rules and technical language are all clearly explained, with the energetic and engaging illustrations providing not only the backdrop for each spread, but fully labelled diagrams to ensure full understanding of what different equipment and jargon actually are. There are even historical facts and competition stats!

Celebrating not only the vast rage of sports, but also the dedicated athletes who compete from every walk of life, Sportopedia is a fantastic non fiction browser for sports fans with a thirst for expanding their knowledge.

Huge thanks to Quarto for sending me a copy, it’s a huge hit!


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