Inside The Villains by Clotilde Perrin


Meet three of the most well-known and despicable villains from the world of fairytales as you’ve never met them before. The wolf, the giant and the witch in full pop-up, fold-out glory.

Each character has a captivating introduction, a beautifully layered character to explore, and then on the full gate-fold, more vital information and a story dedicated to them.

Perfect for character exploration using both fiction and non-fiction style information, this is probably my most coveted book by every primary age group. The joy at delving ever deeper into each character’s pop-up layers is rivalled only by watching others experiencing the same joy.


Whether exploring the pop-ups, studying the character traits or enjoying the stories, this is a breathtakingly beautiful book worthy of a place in every primary school.

The delicate nature of the pop-ups and folds mean my copy won’t be going home on loan, but then with the huge range of uses within classrooms for reading, writing and sheer pleasure, I’m sure it won’t be long before every child has had the opportunity to explore Inside The Villains.


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