Ocean: Secrets Of The Deep by Sabrina Weiss and Guilia De Amicis


Whether it’s minuscule, majestic or mythical creatures that inhabit the seas and oceans that cover our planet your interested in, or the raft of different marine ecosystems found beneath the waves, from deltas, marches and mangroves to kelp forests and coral reefs, and down to the deepest depths, this book has them all.

Oceans In Peril introduces the concepts of global warming, plastic pollution and the damage they are doing to our underwater worlds, and what we can do to reduce our impact on an environment spanning more than two thirds of the Earths surface.

Easily accessible information and an eye catching layout with stunning illustrations, maps and info graphics make this the perfect non fiction browser to dive into again and again. With a glossary to explain technical language and an index to find specific information quickly, this is a must for those who love reading non fiction for pleasure.

Perfect for supporting topics on our oceans and the life within them.

OCEAN: Secrets of the Deep by Sabrina Weiss, illustrated by Giulia De Amicis (£14.99, What on Earth Books)

Follow Sabrina on twitter @sabrinamweiss and Giulia @giulia_de_amicis

Find out more at www.whatonearthbooks.com

Huge thanks to Laura and What On Earth Books for inviting me to take part in the blog tour. Do make sure you check out Sabrina’s fascinating guest post, Sounds Of The Deep, as well as all of the other stops on the blog tour.




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