Swimming Against The Storm by Jess Butterworth

Having adored the first two books from Jess (Running On The Roof Of The World and When The Mountain Roared), I was thrilled to receive a copy of Swimming Against The Storm.


Eliza lives in the fishing community of Côteville in South Louisiana. Rising sea levels mean the swamps and marshes her family call home are slowly sinking into the sea, but they won’t have to leave for years yet.

When representatives from the local oil company turn up at the crawfish boil offering resettlement packages for the whole community to leave immediately, Eliza and her sister, Avery, know they have to find a way to make the government take notice and save their home. What better way than proving the legendary Loup-garou is real.

With friends, Huy and Grace, they set off in the middle of the night to save their homes, but when Avery disappears, finding the Loup-garou is the least of their problems…

With peril at every turn, Swimming Against The Storm is a whirlwind adventure, packed with community, friendship, family and an eroding environment, with a wonderfully mysterious mythical element too.

Jess Butterworth’s evocative writing sweeps you into the heart of the Louisiana swamplands, the changing foliage from salt to fresh water and the delicately balanced ecosystems that coexist side by side. You feel Eliza and Avery’s despair as they see their home and way of life being eroded by the encroaching sea.

Eliza and Avery are your typical bickering siblings who would do anything for each other, their love for each other shines as the plot darkens. Their relentless determination and perseverance to save each other as well as their community shows that small voices can make a huge difference in our world.

Perfect for topics looking at protecting our environment.

Great for fans of The Girl Of Ink And Stars and Asha And The Spirit Bird.

Huge thanks to Jess and Hachette for sending me a copy for my school bookcase.


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