Where Once We Stood by Christopher Riley and Martin Impey

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on the moon? To follow in the footsteps of the Moonwalkers from the Apollo missions? Where Once We Stood tells the stories of the twelve human beings who have lived and worked on another world.

Each mission is retold in it’s own chapter, using the actual conversations that took place between the astronauts on the lunar surface. Christopher Riley has captured the awe and wonder of their time on the moon.

Every chapter starts with an overview of who the astronauts were and where they lived on the moon, with maps of the landing sites.

Facts, such as the atom thin gold colouring on Neil Armstrong’s visor that gave the moon a green tint, and the difference in camera technology, help transport the reader to an earlier era and a different world.

Martin Impey’s stunning illustrations, based on real photographs and film footage captured by the astronauts, are works of art to get lost in that would grace any wall.

A glorious book celebrating humankind’s achievements on the Moon that would be a fantastic addition to every school library.

Huge thanks to Harbour Moon Publishing for sending me a copy.


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