It’s One Giant Leek For Mankind by Olaf Falafel

Adventurous astronauts, giant vegetables and sweet music from baboons bottoms all feature in this highly engaging picture book inspired by the 1969 moon landings.


From blast off to the Eagle landing, everything is as we are told in the history books is true. But what really happened on the lunar surface? A troop of blue bottomed baboons entertain our brave astronauts, distracting them long enough to steal their landing pod, leaving them stranded. How will our astronauts get home?


Told in verse, this is a hilarious look at Buzz and Neil’s adventure on the Moon. Our Year 1’s were laughing out loud at the blue moon baboons, and picked up a fact or two along the way, although as Tim Peake says, “I’m pretty sure this isn’t what happened but it’s brilliantly funny!” They loved the bright, bold illustrations.

Check out my Tweet @MissNCleveland for a signed school giveaway.


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