What’s That In Dog Years? by Ben Davis


The Blurb

The last woof and testament of Gizmo the Wonder Dog!

George knows that Gizmo is getting old – after all, he’s been around since before George was born and what’s that in dog years? – so he writes Gizmo a bucket list. As the pair work their way down the list they have lots of adventures and lots of laughs.

Gizmo has been my best friend since the day I was born – he’s always been around. But now they’re telling me he might not always be around which completely sucks.

I’m determined that me and Gizmo will have lots more fun and adventures before he goes – I mean, he loves parties, deserves pampering, and needs a break by the seaside. And as for that old saying about how you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – it’s true, you really can’t!
Gizmo’s bucket list is up and running – unlike Gizmo who is totally lazy and demanding to be carried . . .

The Review

Before the book even gets started, it say, “A really funny story (but with a few sad bits too, so get your tissues ready!) They weren’t joking – I made it to page 3 before needing them…

A brilliantly funny, poignant, heartbreaking book about life, best friends, growing up and moving on.

There is something truly beautiful and painfully relatable as we watch George come to terms with the fact that his best friend and confidant since the incident, isn’t going to be around forever. His determination to make every moment count and ensure Gizmo lives the life he has left to the full are life lessons for us all.

George’s relationships at school are a struggle, and it is difficult to accept the way he is treated. I was really pleased to see people step up, with a gentle reminder that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness.

Ben has a way of taking serious subjects, adding his sharp humour and weaving them together to create stories that entertain, connect you with the characters and give you lots to think about. Tackling serious issues; death, family break-up, anxiety, bullying, poverty, and child careers, What’s That In Dog Years is a great read for empathy, and anyone in need of a jolly good cry (but you’ll laugh a lot too!)

Julia Christians’ warm, humourous illustrations pepper the pages, helping to bring the characters and settings to life.


Great for fans of The Dog Who Saved The World by Ross Welford, Charlie And Me by Mark Lowery, Just Jack by Kate Scott and D-Day Dog by Tom Palmer

About The Author

Ben Davis writes funny books for older children and teenagers. His first book, The Private Blog of Joe Cowley series has been hailed as a Wimpy Kid for a new generation.

He has also written standalone books for younger readers, like the supervillain tale, Danny Dread, and the critically acclaimed My Embarrassing Dad’s Gone Viral.

Before he became a published author, Ben wrote jokes and sketches for radio shows and various other bits and bobs.

When he’s not writing, he regularly visits schools and leads creative writing workshops.

These days, Ben lives with his wife and son in Staffordshire and in his spare time, likes to put his dog in daft costumes.


Huge thanks to Ben for sending me a copy for my school bookshelf – it’s out on loan already (with a packet of tissues.)


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