The Thirteenth Home Of Noah Bradley by Amber Lee Dodd

Publication Date: 2nd April 2020

Welcome to the 7th stop on The Thirteenth Home Of Noah Bradley Blog Tour. I’m delighted to welcome Amber to my blog today to talk about a famous finctional curse, but first

About The Book…

The Blurb

The Bradley family are constantly escaping from a centuries old curse which means that every home they ever live in is destroyed by a typhoon or flash flood that affects no other houses on the street, or they are chased out of town by a flock of persistent birds.

They have just moved to their thirteenth house and Noah wants this one to work out – he’s got some good friends at school and desperately wants himself and his deaf brother Billy to put down roots. But the curse returns – so he must find a way to break it.

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The Review

With humour, frights, adventure and magic The Thirteenth Home Of Noah Bradley is a thrilling tale of long standing curses, family, friendship and what home really means.

The intriguing tale at the very beginning, followed by a night time move, draws you into the Bradley family’s secret. They are on the run from something that will never stop pursuing them and allow them to put down roots. Every member of the family deals with this in their own way, and the stresses on the family are clear to see.

Noah has come up with his own coping strategy for each new school he starts at; to blend in, never make real friends and to always be ready to move on. I loved watching him grow as a person throughout the story, as we see him want real friendships and an end to his family constantly moving. He also makes big mistakes, but instead of following the crowd he realises he needs to own them and be himself, if he is to make lasting friendships in his new home.

Amber captures the strong bond between Noah and his little brother, Billy, who both tune in to the other’s emotions and needs. The use of signing, whether to be secretive or because sometimes saying words out loud is too hard highlights the strength of their sibling relationship, and the trust they place in each other.

With a strong cast of supporting characters, ranging from kind, funny, supportive, and one or two who made my skin crawl, and descriptions that place the reader firmly in the midst of the action, this is a pacey story, perfect for readers looking for something to unnerve them a little while hugging them a lot.

Great for fans of Amy Wilson, Michelle Harrison, Guy Jones, and Kate Scott.

Famous Curses by Amber Lee Dodd

Amber has kindly written about another curse here for the Blog Tour, and I’m sure it’s one that many of you will recognise in one of it’s forms…

The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince is a well-known story to most people. A handsome but spoiled prince is transformed into a frog by an evil witch. Only a kiss, something a frog is unlikely to ever be granted, can return him to his original form. After forming a friendship with a princess who visits his pond, he is granted his wish. It’s a simple enough story where a rude prince learns about friendship. But the central curse in this story has influenced lots of adaptations which take a unique twist on the curse. In The Princess and the Frog a young girl kisses a frog who, spoilers, is a cursed prince. But instead of the kiss transforming him back into his human form, it turns her into a frog too! In Shrek, a princess is cursed by a witch to spend her nights as an ogre. Only a kiss from her true love will return her to her true form. Spoilers again, she meets and ogre, falls in love and transforms full time into an ogre. All these adaptations though, share the same character journey. Characters growing and changing through the process of trying to break the curse.

About the Author…

Amber Lee Dodd grew up in Portsmouth, where she rode the waltzers, swam in the winter sea and lost her wellies in the marshes. Her plays have been performed at Chichester Festival Theatre, the New Theatre Royal and the Edinburgh Fringe. She has worked as a Learning Support Worker in schools with disabled students, and is passionate about incorporating disability representation in her books for children.

Huge thanks to Harriet and Scholastic for inviting me to be part of The Thirteenth Home Of Noah Bradley Blog Tour. Do make sure you check out all of the other stops!

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