Midge & Mo by Lara Williamson, illustrated by Becky Cameron

Publication Date: 5 March 2020

The Blurb

Midge doesn’t want to go to a new school. He wants everything to go back to the way it was – with his old school, his old friends and his parents back together. Mo is Midge’s buddy at his new school. She’s super smiley and can’t wait to be his friend, but the more Mo tries to make friends the more Midge retreats. It’s like there’s an invisible rain cloud hanging above his head – drip-drip-drip.

Then Mo remembers how she felt when she was new and it makes her even more determined to help Midge feel happy and to show him that the sun will come out for him again soon…

midge and mo

The Review

This is a beautifully poignant story of friendship and moving on. Midge is struggling to cope with the changes in his life and is too sad to see anything good in his new life. Mo is relentlessly cheerful and desperate to be a good buddy. It was wonderful to see her ask for help when she ran out of ideas, and not give up on the frightened, lonely sad little boy she’d been partnered up with.

Moving house, moving school and divorce, and the emotional turmoil this can cause are discussed with sensitivity, turning a heartbroken child into a hopeful one. With a clear message of not giving up on people, even when they turn you away, and especially when they are sad, this is a heartfelt reminder of what friendship really is.

The beautiful illustrations add depth and warmth, perfectly pitched to enhance the emotions the characters are feeling.

One of the With Colour Illustrations series from Stripes, this is perfect for young readers setting off on their own independent reading journey, and a lovely read to build empathy in younger children.

Huge thanks to ReadingZone for sending me a copy for review, and to Little Tiger Press for my wonderful snow globe kit.


Mo makes Midge a snow globe in the story. If you would like to make your own snow globe, you will need:

  • A jam jar with lid
  • Baby oil
  • Glitter
  • An ornament to put inside
  • Waterproof glue

Wash your jam jar thoroughly and glue your ornament to to inside of the lid. Wait for glue to fully dry.

Pour baby oil into the jar leaving about a centimetre at the top . (Baby Oil allows the glitter to fall more gently then water, and you need the space to allow for your ornament).

Sprinkle in the glitter.

Screw the lid on firmly, shake and relax!



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