Comprehension Ninja Workbooks: Learning At Home by Andrew Jennings

Publication Date: 11 June 2020

The Blurb

Comprehension Ninja Workbooks are ideal for supporting your child’s learning at home. With bespoke non-fiction texts and hundreds of questions, they’re packed full of comprehension practice with strong links to the National Curriculum.

Created by trusted author and teacher Andrew Jennings, they’re perfect for developing those all-important literacy skills at home and for boosting children’s confidence in reading comprehension.

Key features of Comprehension Ninja Workbooks

– Covers popular National Curriculum topics
– Features a variety of question types including true or false, fill the gap and multiple choice
– Contains illustrations throughout and a fun ninja theme to engage children
– Includes advice for parents and answers at the back of the book

The Review

Whether your child is in Year 1 or Year 6 or anywhere in between, these home learning books unlock the key skills required to answer comprehension questions in national tests. Engaging topics linked to the National Curriculum make the passages more meaningful for the children, whether they have covered the topic yet or not!

Important topic vocabulary and phrases are picked out through the activities in the workbooks providing a wealth of knowledge and understanding. Words with multiple meanings, such as fair, are examined in context so that children who might know it as a place with dodgems and candyfloss, experience it in terms of what is right and equal.

The first four comprehensions have a full page of each question type to build confidence and embed the techniques required before the remaining comprehension passages have a range of mixed question types enabling your child to show off their new found skills.

The types of skills covered are pitched to each age group, with word matching and skimming and scanning in younger years adapting and evolving to include sequencing and true and false in older year groups.

I have yet to find a child in school who doesn’t enjoy anything I give them from the Ninja, including the Comprehension Ninja tasks, and these brilliant books packed with age appropriate texts and tasks will be a real boost to your child’s home learning.

About the Author

Andrew Jennings has been teaching in primary schools for several years and is now an assistant headteacher. He launched Vocabulary Ninja in April 2017 to improve the levels of understanding and confidence of pupils as well as Key Stage 2 outcomes, and since then has gained thousands of fans. Having undertaken training from FFT and Power of Reading from CLPE, Andrew has also developed Comprehension Ninja/Dojo resources. Follow Andrew on Twitter at: @VocabularyNinja.

Huge thanks to Bloomsbury for sending me review copies for Ages 5-6 and Ages 9-10. Do make sure you check out all of the stops on the blog tour. And, in case you missed it, just click the link to watch the Q&A with Andrew about Supercharging Children’s Comprehension Skills At Home.


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