Flying by Danny Rurlander

It’s my stop on the Spylark Blog Tour, and I am delighted to be welcoming Danny to the blog today to talk flying, drones and personal journeys. Learning to fly with the RAF in the Cambridge University Air Squadron gave me an appreciation of what Jim Rothwell – the main protagonist Tom’s mentor character - … Continue reading Flying by Danny Rurlander


Summer was long. So, so very long. Six weeks of time. Time to overthink. Time to play out every eventuality to its worst possible conclusion. At my last counselling session in the last week of the holidays, I was told I probably wasn't in a fit mental state to return to school. Mainly because I … Continue reading Balance

Baby Steps

Asking for help was hard, almost as hard as admitting to myself that I needed to. Walking into the appointment with a counsellor three months later wasn't any easier. I knew I would have to talk through everything that brought me to this point in April, and the things that have happened since. To acknowledge … Continue reading Baby Steps

Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven: The Mystery Of The Skull by Pamela Butchart

Publication Date: 12 July 2018 Cover and interior illustrations by Tony Ross It’s two weeks into the summer holidays, and Peter has called an emergency meeting of The Secret Seven. After returning from Scotland, he discovered an object in his bedroom – a skull with his name written inside! The gang quickly discover Jack’s little … Continue reading Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven: The Mystery Of The Skull by Pamela Butchart