Interview With A Tiger by Andy Seed, Illustrated by Nick East

Publication Date: 17 September 2020

The Blurb

If you could talk to animals, what would you ask?
‘What are your top tips for catching prey, Tiger?’
‘How do you help yourself to honey, Honey Badger?’
‘Why do you howl, Wolf?

Get familiar with 10 fierce and furry beasts as they step up to the mic and share their habits, behaviour, likes and dislikes, favourite foods, and more. Each animal has its own story to tell… and its own attitude!

The Review

Having made a tranimalator, Andy Seed has scoured the planet to conduct some amazing interviews with ten spectacular, clawed creatures, including a tiger, wolf, and my personal favourite, a snow leopard.

Each interview is packed with fascinating facts about the animals and their habitats, with each creature’s personality shining through. It has to be said, their views on humans don’t show us in a particularly good light.

Nick East’s fabulous illustrations pair perfectly with Andy Seed’s trademark wit and warmth to create a perfect pleasure browser that can be dipped in and out of, but once I started, I found I wanted to meet all of the animals at once.

Complete with a “How you can help section”, discussing what it means to be an endangered animal, you can find out the little things you can do to make a positive impact in our planet. The book also finishes with a fun quick quiz too.

I’m delighted to hear that this is the first in a whole series of books featuring the vast array of wildlife that we share our planet with.

Great for non-fiction fans, animal lovers and classes learning about predators. It’s bound to inspire curious minds to discover more.

The Interview

I was lucky enough to grab Andy Seed for an interview before he heads out to interview more creatures for his next book…

Andy Seed

1. What was your inspiration for Interview With A Tiger & Other Clawed Beasts Too?

The majestic tiger has always been one of my favourite animals and I thought it would be fun to give her and the other predators distinctive characters to bring their voices alive. Anyone who’s ever had a pet knows that they have personalities, just like people. Also, I am very much a cat person!

2. If you could only interview one more creature with your tranimalator which one would you choose?

Probably an elephant – so I could ask it to get off my foot!

3. How do you research your non-fiction books, and decide which information to include in your books?

I just read lots and lots and lots. I try to find unexpected sources and I pick out the facts that appeal to me and which will also (I hope) interest kids. I try to make it quirky and memorable.

4. You have written books covering a wide range of genres. Do you have a favourite type of book to write?

Funny factual books are definitely a favourite – I ADORED writing Interview with a Tiger and can’t wait to start the next title in the series.

5. You bring lots of humour into the books you write. Why do you think this is important?

It reflects my own personality for a start. Then, I always want to give any book I write maximum reader appeal. Children love funny stuff and lots of them like facts so combining the two makes for a rich mix of booky goodness!

6. What is the best joke you’ve ever written?

Haha, that’s not for me to say really! We all find different things funny. I quite like this one:

How many robbers does it take to change a light bulb?

What light bulb?

7. We miss Hatman’s recommendations. What four books would you recommend to 7-11 year olds right now?

I miss Hatman too but he kept disappearing on important missions and in the end ran out of hats. He sends apologies. Books to recommend:

Story: I love Podkin One Ear by Kieran Larwood, Pax by Sara Pennypacker and Chris Edge’s science-based adventures.

Non-fiction: Mike Barfield also writes some fun stuff: watch out for A Day in the Life of a Poo a Gnu and You. Also, anything by Louie Stowell

Poetry: Coral Rumble’s Riding a Lion and Matt Goodfellow’s Bright Bursts of Colour are lush!

8. You are a fantastic champion for libraries. How important have libraries been to you during your life?

Thank you. Libraries totally changed my life. We didn’t have many books at home growing up but my parents took me to the library and I became a reader – simple as that. I love the choice. It’s a big stinky scandal that children are not all issued with a library card at birth and that society does not value libraries!

9. If you could spend a day with any book character, who would you spend it with and what would you do?

Good question! I would choose Al from the ripping good Time Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford. I would borrow his time machine, go back into the past and fix a few things and, er, people!

10. And finally, can we have another joke please?

What did the drummer call his twin daughters? Anna One, Anna Two…

Interview with a Tiger & Other Clawed Beasts Too by Andy Seed, illustrated by Nick East (£9.99, Welbeck Children’s) available now.

Huge thanks to Andy for answering our questions, and to Welbeck Children’s for sending me a copy for review on ReadingZone.


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