The Midnight Guardians by Ross Montgomery

Publication Date: 5 November 2020

The Blurb

Sometimes at the darkest hour, hope shines the brightest… When Col’s childhood imaginary friends come to life, he discovers a world where myths and legends are real. Accompanied by his guardians – a six-foot tiger, a badger in a waistcoat and a miniature knight – Col must race to Blitz-bombed London to save his sister. But there are darker forces at work, even than the Nazi bombings. Soon Col is pursued by the terrifying Midwinter King, who is determined to bring an eternal darkness down over everything.

The Review

When The Midnight Guardians arrived back in the first lockdown, the sun was shining, the garden furniture beckoned, and it was as if all of my plans jumped on a unicorn and rode off into the sunset so I could settle down to an uninterrupted read, which is exactly what I did, and wow, what a read it was!

The Midnight Guardians is magnificent! Magic, mythical beings, and so much love all woven together to create a captivating read perfect for escaping into that will live long in the memory and has earned it’s place on the bookshelf in my heart.

Col is so convincing as the young evacuee desperate to be with the only family he truly knows in time for Christmas, while Ruth is a tenderly written Jewish refugee. Their teamwork, tenacity and courage shines throughout the story and I love the way they support each other.

I loved the weaving through of folk lore and childhood friends, making this a fantastical take story set during the Second World War. Darker aspects of the war are not shied away from, but every dark moment is tempered with a glimmer of hope shining in the distance.

But my favourite character? Mrs Evans! Her eccentricity hides the truth and knowledge in her words and actions. I laughed, cried and want to wipe my memories so I can do it all over again for the first time. Huge congratulations Ross, it’s an absolute belter!

Great for fans of:

  • The Lost Magician by Piers Torday
  • A Girl Called Owl by Amy Wilson
  • The Monster Of Rookhaven by Padraig Kenny

But never mind what I think – here’s what two of my readers at school thought…

The Year 5 Review

I enjoyed The Midnight Guardians because of how different it was from other books I have read.

Everyday I would cuddle up in either my bedroom or living room and read loads of chapters. This book inspired me to write my own called “Wonder Bones”. I also learned a lot about the war. Apart from being dangerous and sad, the war made people work together to stay alive.

My favourite character was Pendlebury for her braveness. I think this book will inspire others to be brave and never give up!

The Year 6 Review

I chose this book because when I read the blurb, it sounded so mysterious and adventurous. Also, it sounded like there was going to be wonderful plot twists that would make the story interesting…

I love all the characters because they are so adventurous and they each have an amazing personality. They’re such incredible characters and it’s so hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to, it would be Pendlebury because she tries her best to please Col and make him happy. Also, she never gives up when things get tough, and she is strong and brave.

I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy because it’s full of mythical and magical creatures and ideas. It also hooks the reader as it becomes more interesting as you move on because the author builds up the suspense. I would also recommend this book to anyone because it can change your perspective of fantasy and can open the reader’s eyes to this genre of books.

Huge thanks to my young reviewers for sharing their thoughts, and to Walker Books for inviting me to take part in the blog tour. Do make sure you check out all of the other stops.


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