Sona Sharma, Looking After Planet Earth by Chitra Soundar, illustrated by Jen Khatun

Publication Date: 5 August 2021

The Blurb

When Sona learns about the climate crisis at school and is very worried that no one is doing enough to combat it, she takes up the challenge herself. But Appa isn’t amused when Sona throws out her baby sister’s nappies and Thatha isn’t happy when she tells him to get rid of his colour-coded plastic files. When Sona learns that many of the kolams – the traditional art that people draw in front of their homes to celebrate the winter months and the festival season – are not organic, she sets out to make some big changes by getting everyone involved.

The Review

Another fabulous story set in Sona’s bustling family household, spotlighting daily life, culture and traditions in Chennai, India.

Perfect for younger readers looking for a mirror to their own family life, or window to an authentic view of a different culture, they will relate to the school setting, while the cultural detail will immerse them into Sona’s world. Jen’s delightful illustrations highlight Chitra’s characters in beautiful, expressive detail, and bring the settings, family and traditional drawings to life.

This time, the focus is on climate change and the small steps we can all make to look after planet Earth. Landfill, plastic pollution and energy wastage are all tackled as Sona and her friends take the class project to heart.

I love that the character’s names are explained at the start of the book so that we understand Amma and Appa as Mum and Dad, and that new Indian words explored in the story are explained at the end. There is also a page that shows us how to draw a kolam for ourselves.

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Huge thanks to Walker Books for sending me a review copy of this wonderful book.