Sophie’s Stories by Devon Holzwarth

Publication Date: 5 August 2021

The Blurb

It’s bedtime, but Sophie needs just one more story…

And every time Sophie opens a book, it transports her to a magical storybook land. One story sweeps her away on a flying carpet. Another whisks her to Wonderland, with white rabbits and talking mushrooms.

How on earth can she go to sleep, when stories are just so exciting?

The Review

A charming celebration of bedtime stories that had me smiling from beginning to end. From the very first spread children are catapulted into the world of a classic children’s book, and those used to reading bedtime stories will smile at the well used refrain of “Just one more story” being met with, “You’ve already had three.”

Devon’s captivating illustrations, full of rich colours and texture, bring well-loved children’s classics to life and showcase the range of emotions immersing yourself in a story can bring. I adored the depictions of Mum and Dad interrupting Sophie’s stories, and the wonderful sight of Sophie’s Mum settling down for her own.

A must for school story times and every home bookcase ready for a bedtime read, probably over and over and over again…

Huge thanks to Scholastic for sending me a finished copy of this beautiful picture book.