Diary Of An Accidental Witch by Perdita & Honor Cargill, illustrated by Katie Saunders

Publication Date: 2 September 2021

The Blurb

Monday 20th September
I’M AT WITCH SCHOOL! Now would be a really good time to discover I can do magic…

Bea Black has just moved to Little Spellshire, a town with a magical secret. When her dad accidentally enrols her at the local witch school, she has to get to grips with some interesting new classes, like, NOW! Also on her to do list? Make friends, look after the grumpy class frog AND do everything humanly magically possible to stay on a broom…
But with the Halloween Ball on the horizon, will she be able to master her wand skills in time to WOW? And more importantly can she keep her newfound magical abilities a secret from dad?

The Review

Utterly charming and laugh out loud funny, Diary Of An Accidental Witch is a sheer joy to read. Packed with magic, mayhem and mishaps, Bea must navigate her new life in Little Spellshire, and her new school, the School Of Extraordinary Arts.

Phyisics lessons on levitating, chemistry lessons on making potions, and English lessons on writing spells were not what Bea was expecting, and pours her secret new life into her diary. With only the class frog, Stan to talk to in school, she finds settling in almost as difficult as performing the magic expected in class.

Bea has a brilliantly funny voice that doesn’t mask the worries about friendship and fitting in, or being able to succeed. I love how patient and kind her Dad is with her, even though Bea doesn’t always see it that way. We also see the divide between the other local school, The Academy, and the School Of Extraordinary Arts. The pupils of each eye each other with suspicion, their clothes marking the visible differences, so it is lovely to see Bea and Ash’s friendship blossom throughout the story.

Katie Saunders illustrations are the perfect match, adding humour and bringing the characters, human and otherwise, to life. I especially loved the Halloween Ball, and all I want now is CAKE! The first in the series, I can’t wait to see what Bea gets up to next!

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Here’s a sneaky peek at the first chapter…

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