The Visible Sounds by Yin Jianling and Yu Rong, translated by Filip Selucky

Publication Date: 2 September 2021

The Blurb

Based on the true story of Chinese dancer Lihua Tai, The Visible Sounds tells the uplifting tale of a young child dealing with the frustration and solitude of hearing loss. Alone in silence, the child’s life is changed forever when a chance touch unlocks a vibrant new world, now blazing with rainbows of visible sounds.

The Review

As a child, I was partially deaf and had to have operations every three to four months to have grommets put in to help me hear. When they fell out, I lived in a world where sounds were muffled and I struggled to understand what was being said to me. This book perfectly captures the joy that I felt when I could feel music rather than hear it.

Stunningly vibrant illustrations bring MiLi’s reawakening understanding of sound in her silent world to life, capturing her joy and wonder at the world around her as she finds a way to dance to the music inside her as she feels the drum beats vibrating through the floor.

With sign language from China, Britain and the US included in the illustrations and explained at the end of the story, this is a resounding message of hope for children living with a disability that dreams really can come true.

Huge thanks to Uclan Publishing for sending me a copy.