Viking Boy: The Real Story by Tony Bradman

Publication Date: 6 January 2022

The Blurb

A non-fiction guide to the Viking world, told by the hero of Tony Bradman’s bestselling novel Viking Boy.

Take a real-life tour of the everyday world of Gunnar, a teenage Viking boy: find out how the Vikings lived, what they believed, how they travelled and fought, and gained their legendary reputation as warriors. Gunnar tells us the real story of growing up as a Viking in an exciting first-hand account, introducing us to family and friends, famous warriors, sea-raiders and even a Norse god!

The Review

With Gunnar as our tour guide, Viking Boy: The Real Story is a comprehensive guide to life as a Viking, told through narrative style as well as captivating spreads delving into more details about specific aspects of daily life. Whether it’s life on the farm or life as a raider, a Jaarl, a Karl or a Thrall, Viking Boy: The Real Story is packed with historical facts, figures and anecdotes, with illustrated information panels on topics from Viking poetry and arts and crafts, to battle and bloodlust, this is a fantastically informative read for Viking fanatics.

Beautifully detailed illustrations from Thomas Sperling bring the Viking world to life. I especially loved the map of Viking Countries that explained the etymology behind the countries’ names, and Viking Arts and Crafts, explaining their use of runes as their alphabet.

This would make a fantastic read for pleasure for anyone who loves finding out about different cultures in history, with the gruesome bits left in, and would be a perfect addition to any Key Stage 2 Vikings topic box. It also helps children to understand the fact behind the fiction in these fabulous stories:

  • Viking Boy by Tony Bradman
  • She Wolf by Dan Smith
  • How To Be A Hero by Cat Weldon
  • Loki: A Bad God’s Guide To Being Good by Louis Stowell

Huge thanks to Walker Books for sending me a copy, and inviting me to take part in the blog tour. Do make sure you check out all of the other stops.


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